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Save up to $0.70 per each gallon at 5 major truckstops in USA.

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The story of UNITED FUEL CARD begins with integrity.

We uphold the principles of integrity in serving our esteemed clients. Our commitment to transparent and open communication is paramount, and we are dedicated to acting in accordance with industry best practices.

In order to achieve success, we firmly believe in our relentless pursuit of improvement across all facets of our operations.

At UNITED Fuel, our mission is straightforward: to foster equitable opportunities for small and medium-sized trucking companies in comparison to larger fleets. Our objective is to provide exceptional customer service and deliver optimal cost savings to every client, regardless of fleet size, through the utilization of the UNITED Fuel Card. We at UNITED FC are resolute in our commitment to deliver responsive and personalized service that creates a tangible impact.

We hold deep regard for our clients, business partners, and colleagues alike. Patience guides our interactions, and we have faith in the goodwill and intentions of individuals. Our steadfast dedication is aimed at making a meaningful difference.

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United Fuel Card clients have complete control over account management through an App on their phone and online, as well as the following perks and benefits:

A mobile up for both drivers and account admins to manage cards, users and reports

$0 transaction, swipe, deposit, monthly, or annual fees

An interactive fuel finder map that shows the best savings around you or along your routes

An industry leading Custom EFS Platinum card with itemized fuel consumption statements focused on IFTA reporting

Access to credit lines and cash-secured account options

Nationwide discounts on fuel at TA, PETRO, and LOVE’s truck stops

Save up to $0.70c per gallon

24/7 Customer Support

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Save Big at in-network location

The UNITED Fuel Card is accepted at more than 2,000 truck stops nationwide and across the country. UNITED Fuel Card clients save up to $0.70 cents per gallon on fuel, plus enjoy $0 transaction fees, when they stop at in-network locations.

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We take your money matters seriously, so that you don’t have to.

The UnitedFuelCard is the easiest way for a business to start saving on fuel. Plus, you get the flexibility to carry a monthly balance on your fuel card whenever cash flow is tight.

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